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Citedel Security  Solutions
Citedel Security Solutions
29-Oct-2013 06:1:54
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+44 (0) 843 772 9703
About Us

Citadel Security Solutions is a business risk consultancy based in Cardiff, Wales. We are dedicated to providing business and individuals with first-class protection services; guarding personnel, financial assets and community reputation of each client.

What separates us from other security providers is our customer service approach and our appreciation that every business or individual is different, and we tailor our solutions to suit our clients.

We understand that the reputation of some our clients are internationally recognised and we are entrusted as guardians and take this role seriously.

We cover the whole of South Wales and our experienced security personnel come at competitive rates.

 Our Mission

Citadel Security Solutions offer professional and reliable services in the security sector, each tailored to suit specific circumstances and client needs. Our service includes: Initial client meeting with CSS industry experts to assess security needs Rapid deployment of highly trained personnel On-site professionalism for maximum security without complication

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