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CIS Security
CIS Security
18-Oct-2013 19:1:07
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Founded in 1969 by two former Police Officers. CIS Security initially operated as a security management and commercial investigation specialist advising City and industry clients on matters relating to best security practice and providing a loss prevention and investigation service. In 1972 the company joined the manned guarding industry when customers found it difficult to find a suitable security company to provide professional security personnel with the ability to fulfil the recommendations/positions proposed by our experts. CIS Security felt the security market would benefit from a professional security company with a strong management support structure, adaptability to compliment the client's aims and ethos and highly trained security staff essential for the City and West End marketplace; subsequently the CIS Security manned guarding division was formed. The provision of Manned Security Services is now our core product and since 1972 when our first manned guarding contract was awarded and implemented we have steadily grown enabling us to maintain our customer focus, reputation and staff/client loyalty. Development over the years has come from existing clients and their referrals or recommendations to other organisations. This steady growth has continued as new clients appreciate the service levels we can consistently maintain. In recent years manned guarding has been extended to provide mobile patrol and key response services in London. We also have mobile uniformed supervision to support all our contract services across England. We invest the vast majority of our effort in the careful selection, vetting, and training of all our employees. Our success confirms this with employee retention three times better than the industry average. CIS Security also enjoys high contract retention with many clients continually renewing their contracts with us, annually. All our employees are properly supported and supervised. Management support is attentive and frequent for both our staff and the client as we consistently maintain standards of service significantly above the average for the security industry. We consistently maintain standards of service significantly above the average for the security industry We are a privately owned company operating independently. Our growth is achieved through our existing clients and new opportunities free of any merger or acquisition. As a London based company with our Head Office in Lewisham our continued success is reflected in a varied client portfolio of professional, financial and commercial organisations predominately in the City/West End.
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