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ASCONIA Retail Security Consultancy
ASCONIA Retail Security Consultancy
20-Sep-2013 14:1:52
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ASCONIA Retail Security Consultancy is established as one of the UK’s leading security consultancies specialising within retail security. We provide a comprehensive retail security program across the UK helping businesses to minimize losses within stores, through Loss Prevention Audits, Investigations and Retail Security Training to ensure that profits are maximized and losses are minimized. Our experienced consultants work with managers and staff of small and medium sized businesses to adopt a loss prevention culture and mind set within your store. Shrinkage impacts retailers of all sizes regardless of demographics and merchandise sold. Retailers include; • Gift shops • Speciality stores • Garden centres • Independent supermarkets • Convenience stores • Charity shops • Shopping centres • High streets New Store Openings Due to our experience within retail security and loss prevention we have worked with new retailers in the development stage, before opening to establish required retail crime deterrents and loss prevention policies and procedures. For more information, please contact us… Contact Us
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