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Advance Security
Advance Security
18-Oct-2013 19:1:44
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0845 121 4016
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Advance Security’s core values are our promise to our customers, our employees and our industry as a whole. They are the values that lie at the very heart of our operations and provide an insight into the standards and objectives behind our business. Our core values are: Transparency: We use clear and consistent processes throughout all our operations, from internal and customer communications to the sharing of best practice across the industry. Integrity: We believe that a commitment to CSR and working ethically should be a priority across the entire security industry and take a lead by considering the economic, social and environmental impact of all our business activities. Passion: Our passion for what we do is total. We are committed to the continual enhancement of service and driving the security industry forward. Innovation: The way we work is truly pioneering, using innovative methods and technology to deliver the very best service to our customers and support our employees. Communication: Open, proactive and effective communication is central to our business and is applied across all our operations. To find out more about how we keep the lines of communication open at Advance, please click here.
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