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Female Security Guards

What prospects do women have in the Security Industry in United Kingdom?

It is fact that men form the majority of employees in the security industry. It is traditionally a mens territory but the landscape has shifted dramatically and a lot of women are considering building careers in it.

The days when security was 100% men's business are gone and as the stereotype dies more and more women are getting involved in the sector.


Size matters in security but but not all the time

Generally the bigger you are the more you stand out and surprisesingly in some cases women are more suitable than men when size is concerned. Take undercover work for exampl.

Also, some venues such as hotels or corporate sites, where the traditional security guard may be seen as "intimidating", can be a great place for women to work in.

Soft skills

They are much appreciated as most of the problems are solved verbally as opposed to physically. What is more women tend to deal more efficently in problematic situations involving other womed(evicting women, tap and bag searching, close protection, etc)

Women have unique contribution in the everchanging security field. They have proved to be valuable security employees in hotels, residential properties, pubs as well as holding manging and consulting positions.

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