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Residential security

Residential security is probably the most common type of privatized security that is utilized. It is there because although the government invest billions of dollars behind ‘security’ the actual service is only good for aftermath of a crime, not during taking place. Hence homeowners today like to add an extra level of security to their homes and that is where residential security comes in.

Most Residential security service essentially helps to speed up the process of government security. However, some of the higher grade more expensive services do directly attempt to prevent outsiders from entering a residence (an electric fence for example). They are not that widely used though since various laws are there against them however the basic services of detecting and alerting are pretty widely used.

Your basic security package includes cameras at or near all the entrances/exits, windows, balconies, etc. and alarms on doors, that turn on during forced entry and automatically alert the company who you took the security service from so that they can immediately send the police to your destination. Other slightly higher grade packages include installation of your very own panic rooms stocked with supplies working phones and screens to monitor the entire house through the installed CCTV cameras.

The highest grade of residential security that is actually pretty expensive, in fact, this type of security, is almost never employed by residences. These are personalized security systems that are employed at places where ‘things of value’ are kept (i.e. museums). This type of security integrates all the above services including motion sensors, heat sensors, laser sensors, 24/7 armed guard watch, etc. Some homes however do employ such security but you will need to have some mighty deep pockets to be one of them.

All in all residential security has its uses in every level. No one can deny that having such security is better than not having it and if it makes your life and that of your family’s more secure then will it ever be worth too much?  

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