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Security Consultancy

Security is major concern for people today. With recent revelations of Government espionage activities (spying on their own people) no one really trusts the brand of protection that their country provides anymore. Hence, some of these people prefer their security to be privatized. This allows them to know exactly where and how their money is going to work to keep them safe. This is where consultancy comes in. These people may know the importance of security but only a consultant, a security consultant, will know its correct implementation.

 Security consultancy depends simply on experience. A lot of firms, specializing in such consultancy, know this and have thus form consortiums to enlarge their pool of ‘experience’ and thus attract a greater share of customers. One such company, SCI (Security consortium international), is a consortium of 22 independent companies and is represented by almost 50 expert consultants all over the world. This gives them leverage since their clients know that buying their services means buying the input of 50 specialized consultants, a good bargain any day.    

There are numerous ‘types’ of security consultancy, most of them defer in what they defend. For instance, an application security consultant is someone who specializes in securing your programs from malfunction and/or theft while a network infrastructure consultant specializes in securing your LAN’s/WAN’s etc. These are, however, only two examples from a frame that harbors 100’s of different types of consulting services and thus each service should be looked into to find the one that perfectly suits your consulting needs.

Also, recent trends show an increasing number of foreign consultant companies setting up shop in or near warzones. It’s good for business you see since that is the one place where the government might actually need a helping hand in keeping people safe. These agencies specialize in transport of precious cargo in these war zones and are thus an invaluable asset to clients trying to make important business deals over warring borders.

Finally comes the one question that it all comes down too; what’s the damage? How much will consultancy really cost? Well, to be blunt, it costs a lot but the people who have the kind of money to afford it usually have enough money to need it as well. You see this type of consultancy is usually needed by people who have things (valuable things) that others want, hence, since people who have things of value aren’t ever really struggling financially they usually have the funds required to protect that which provides them with value. A number or a price range for their services cannot be clearly stated as they vary vapidly form service to service however if you are really keen on knowing then just mail one of the hundreds of security consultant firms out there, they are sure to send you catalogue with a lot more zero’s under the price column than layman can bare.   

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