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Security Companies in the UK

Security companies are extremely vital to the economy. In the UK, there are hundreds of companies that provide security services and systems.They offer effective solutions aimed at stopping crime as well as responding to various breaches in security. 
It’s estimated that more than two million homes in UK are invaded every year
G4S, Securitas, MITIE and Advance Security among others are some of the most trusted companies. They offer various security solutions ranging from wireless equipments to frontline personnel. While they do their best in preventing crimes from taking place, they do have shortcomings as well which every customer should be aware of. An example of major wrongdoing is the G4S' 2012 Olympics contract, when the later failed to supply all of its 10400 contracted guards. The company was subsequently fined £88m. Since then, G4S has lost out on several government contracts including management of electronic tagging in Scotland and running security checks at Oslo airport.
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It is however up to the security companies and government to come up with initiatives to govern well the security industry. This may involve offering training, employing well qualified personnel and offer attractive salaries to increase productivity.
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