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SIA Licence. Common Application Mistakes

Filling the sia licence application is a straight forward process that requires some attention, especially when you need your badge as soon as possible.  The following points should be considered when you apply for a new licence or renewing your old one.

The application for renewing a license is the same as for applying for a new licence.


If you are submitting a paper application form you must provide a photograph that is counter-signed and dated on the back in blue or black ink by a UK passport holder(not family member)

Sign carefully

Pay attention when signing the application. The signature must be within the white box, if you go outside the box print out new sheet and be more carefull. Out of the box signature will cost you a couple of weeks time at least.

Recorded Delivery

You can loose both your new job and your identity with that envelope. Pay a few extra pounds for special delivery so your documents don't get lost and your licence application delayed


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