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Close Protection / Bodyguard

Bodyguards or CPOs (Close Protection Operatives) are tasked with protecting one or more people from the threat of violence or abduction. They can also protect individuals from any events that might prove to be risky to them. Therefore, this is a demanding and liable job.

bodyguardIf you want to become a bodyguard, here are some valuable tips and practical advice on what it takes to build a successful career in their field of security, along with the job prospects in today’s world.

To be a bodyguard, you will have to show quick responses and excellent observation skills. A bodyguard should be able to spot potentially risky situations straight away. You will need to remain relaxed under high pressure situations.




To enter this field, you must be aged at least eighteen years. You must also be physically fit and also have excellent vision and listening capability.

The usual responsibilities of a bodyguard include the following:

  • Carrying out a thorough threat assessment on both potential and known aggressors 
  • Setting up routes beforehand with the assistance of qualified security consultants
  • Clearing destinations of risky equipment and assessing exit points
  • Ensuring destinations are safe and sound
  • Accompanying their clients wherever they go or during their daily activities.
  • Escorting their clients from appointments
  • Offering protection services on a round-the-clock basis as their clients sleep or enjoy their free time.

As a close protection officer, your clients may include celebrities, politicians, CEOs, royalties, and business owners, to mention but a few.


The Security Industry Association is the authority that regulates this area of security, among other security fields. In order to get a job as a close protection officer in the UK, you must have at least one of the qualifications below:

  • City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection
  • Certificate in Protective Security from the Buckingham New University
  • BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection Operations

Potential close operation officers should also give evidence of a current first aid qualification, approved by SIA.


Aside from the normal qualifications necessary to get a job as a close protection officer, these personal qualities are extremely valuable:

  • Judgment and client discretion is vital.
  • The capability to mingle with a crowd of people without getting recognized.
  • Or perhaps the capability to stand out in a crowd and offer a visual disincentive to other people.
  • Good observation and concentrations skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.


Close protection officers are often employed on contractual terms, and hence, they could earn only when on a contract.  A daily charge is not uncommon and the payment could depend upon the threat involved.

Low-risk, local operations rate vary from £ 300 to £ 400 a day.

Medium-risk, foreign operation rate vary from roughly £ 400 to £ 500 a day.

High-risk operations rate is approximately £ 1000 a day


Many bodyguards have a military background. Being used to firearms and ability to plan tactically make them good candidates. However, much of the work assigned to bodyguards in the UK does not involve the use of weaponry and while military familiarity is helpful, it is not a requirement.


Private security companies are the major employers of bodyguards. Check our listed close protection companies for work availability and hiring information 

Job Progression

Experienced bodyguards can eventually venture into security consultancy, which entails the planning and control of security operations.



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