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Hotel Security Guide

Hotel Security

Working in a hotel evironment could be very rewarding. From professional point of view, it is the most diverse job and will teach you a great deal about security.

Average sized hotel, for instance, usually features bar, restaurant, cafes, event spaces and even retail shops - all of them available not only for hotel guests but for the general public as well.

Literally everything can occur in a hotel, it is kind of a small town on it's own and the security department is involved more or less everywhere.

Customer Service

It is the bread and butter of hotel securtity. The hotel guest is the person who pays you wages and the way you treat your guest is of great importance here. In fact they are so important that sometimes you will have turn a blind eye when thay misbehave. And beleive me they often do.


Job Hunting

Established hotels hardly hire security personnel without hospitality expererience. This should not put your application off but don't be smart and apply any expeience from deifferent jobs in the hospitality sector. Any af us has worked as some point in a restaurant, bar, cafe etc. If you have worked in another hotel but different department it is huge advantage. Pair this hotel experiance with your SIA Licence and your chances to get into security are doubled.

Grooming Standards

You appearance have to be immaculate especially for luxurious hotels. Invest in a good suit and foot wear. Maintain high grooming standard - look after your hair, clip your nails, check your breath and wear clean shirts. Shave every morning!

Team Player

Team playing skills are essential here!
You will work closely with all deparments in the hotel and with your fellow coleagues as well.


SIA licence is not mandatory but is required. Also ahving a First Aid Ceftificate is highly recommended. I reccomend you go for the 3-day course, but the single day course is fine, too.The big worldwide branches have estblished training practices. They often bring in qualified instructors, people with military or police background, to lecture about various security issues.

The most valued hotel trainings are: anti terrorism, physical itervension, customer service, legislation

Pay Rate

Above the average!

Starts from £7 for static positions to £12-£15 for events.


If you need safe, long term job in security then the hotel is for you. Hotel security is about being smart and aware, you will not be on the front line but you have to be very helpful with the guests and fair with the staff.
Browse our list of companies that work with hotels and enquire about positions via the form or even better - call them. Always check hospitality websites like caterer.com

Gain experience
Social life
Good salary
Free food & uniform(dry cleaning)
Hotel products discounts
Free Training
Work on Weekends and nights
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