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Armed Attacker

 Armed asArmed Attacker Policy & Procedure

When faced with an Armed Attacker immediate action should be taken to ensure your own safety and that of others where possible. People are likely to follow the examples set by security staff although some people might respond to their own “fight or flight” impulse.

3 Possible responses to an Armed Attack:



● Have an escape route or plan in mind.

● Help others escape if possible.

● If you are targeted by an Armed Attacker whilst evacuating block, lock or barricade any doors between you and the attacker.

● Notify the Authorities a.s.a.p. Never assume that someone else is doing it.


Hide Out

● Keep out of the Armed Attackers line of sight. Remember: If you can see him then he can see you.

● Block, lock or barricade – find shelter that can provide protection.

● Try not to trap yourself or restrict your options for movement.

● Remain quiet, silence communication devices (phones, radios, etc.) and turn off any source of noise (TV, Radio, etc.).


Take Action

● Should be last resort when no other options are available for you and others to survive.

● Act as aggressively as possible towards the attacker.

● Throw objects, yell and use any improvised weapon available.

● Commit to your actions.

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