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Redline Assured Security
Redline Assured Security
28-Apr-2016 16:1:03
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+44(0)1302 623262
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Founded in 2006, Redline has rapidly developed into one of world’s premier providers of security training and support. Our roots are in the heavily regulated aviation industry, but our products and services are now applied in high value and high threat environments. While we can offer you industry leading aviation security, our products and services are applicable to all high value and high threat environments. With offices at London Heathrow Airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and our headquarters at the National Security Centre in Doncaster, Redline has become a globally trusted brand that is active in more than 25 countries. Whatever your security needs, Redline endeavours to keep your staff safe and compliant, delivering first class training with our state of the art facilities.
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