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Senior Performance Marketing Manager
Senior Performance Marketing Manager
22-Mar-2017 05:1:33
Security Studies: Postgraduate Certificate / Postgraduate Diploma / Masters

Investigate the key issues and emerging paradigms of security, intelligence analysis and criminology with this distance learning course from the London Metropolitan University and the John Grieve Centre for Policing and Community Safety.

The Security Studies programme will help you gain a solid academic grounding in criminology, terrorism and intelligence.

The programme examines key themes and debates shaping the concepts of security and security studies. It addresses critical areas of contemporary concern within security studies, covering issues stretching from foreign policy through to the role of radicalisation in international politics to the evolving dangers of financial crime all within and including the background of the cyber or digital dimension.

Ideal for those seeking to go into security and intelligence related careers in the public and private sectors, as well as professionals already engaged in such fields who seek to enhance their career prospects through further qualifications. An excellent preparation for many careers in the civil and foreign service, non-governmental and international organisations, private firms and research.

Modules: - Security Studies - Intelligence Analysis - Contemporary issues in crime, safety and security - Terrorism and counter-terrorism - Strategic change in the global environment - International financial crime and security - Security Studies dissertation The course is taught in a distance learning format, with no attendance required on campus. All aspects of the programme are managed over the internet using a dedicated online learning management system to host video and audio files, electronic workbooks, tutorial discussions, library access and much more.

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